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Hey fit chicks!!! With competition prep season fully under way I thought I would touch briefly on the topic of cardio!!


Love it? Hate it? A lot of us, me included sometimes have a love/hate relationship with cardio! Over my years of competing I have learnt what works best for my body in terms of getting stage ready. Everyone is different but for me cardio is essential not only In my prep but in moderation during my off season. In saying this, gone are the days of getting on a machine at the gym for an hour of going through the motions!


Most days I am DEAD after cardio! It’s all about shocking your body after all!!


Steady state vs HIIT!! What’s the difference?

Steady state cardio is any form of cardio that involves keeping a steady intensity of excersise for an extended period of time. Example: 45 min of running at a medium intensity on the treadmill with a consistent pace.


High Intensity Interval Training is normally done by alternating high intensity bursts with low intensity activity. Example: 30–60 second sprint followed by 60 second recovery.


Each definitely has advantages and disadvantages and it would be wrong to automatically assume one is better than the other! Depending on each individuals goals and experiences.

• HIIT generates a greater fat loss over a shorter period of time, is more time efficient and is great for generating fitness endurance! Just be careful when performing any HIIT as injuries can be common, e.g. falling off a treadmill during sprints!!

• Steady state is great for beginners getting into training and it burns more calories in that session. Downside to this though is it can become very boring and the “shock” effect is lost!


As winter has officially ended don’t forget that you can always mix it up by getting outdoors!!! Perth has great spots for outdoor cardio! Kings Park, Mount Street hill, Jacobs Ladder, Kakoda Trail, beaches to name a few!


Try doing a circuit up at Jacobs Ladder and Mount Street! Lunges halfway up the hill and jog the rest followed directly by Jacobs Ladder! Repeat for 20 min! Feel the burn!!!


Another trick is plyometric training!! Jump around! It’s a killer!! High jump squats, switch lunges, box jumps, pop squats, bounding jumps from one side of the room to the other!! Warning: People will stare at you!!


I think when competition prepping especially where reducing body fat is a priority, the main thing to remember is no two people are the same so everyone’s cardio will always be different. Some will do fasted cardio, others won’t. Some will do double cardio days and some won’t! It all depends on each individual and just because so and so is doing 2 cardio sessions does not mean they are over training or doing anything wrong.

Just the same as someone only doing 20 min cardio per day, that does not mean they are not training hard enough.  For me I am not a lean person at all so as I get closer to a show the time  and intensity of my cardio is stepped up a bit! My legs are solid and therefore it takes me a lot of hard work to get them stage ready! This prep has been amazing and my shape has drastically changed! I think because I am constantly doing different things my body is definitely in shock!


Top tips

• Stayhydrated, maybe try adding BCAA’s to your water

• Good tunes are essential

• Cardio buddies rock

• Ensure you warm up and cool down

• Stretch it out

• Heart rate monitors are great for tracking progress during sessions

• Be creative when using machines, I love walking lunges on the treadmill!! Give them a try!!

• Take your recovery days!!


Summer time is almost upon us!! Time to add in a couple of cardio sessions to your routine combined with BeautyFit BeautyBum to get those bodies bikini beach ready!!


For all those competing, keep sweating it out! Just remember that while you are a sweaty mess I will probably be one as well!!


Any questions email or Facebook me!!


Love from sweaty mess Trista xxx

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