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Hi girls! Hope you have all been training hard!! Congratulations to those who have just finished competing!! Time to eat and grow! I just thought I would share a few training tips on my favourite training day- glutes! Everyone wants those perky buns we all see on social media sites but to get to that level takes a lot of time and dedication. This has always been a weakness of mine and it wasn't until I had competed in my first few shows that I really wanted to take things to the next level. I have started a training day purely dedicated for glutes and have definitely noticed a huge difference.
#shesquats - I actually do not squat very often or if I do Its high rep to get my heart rate up! Im going to share with you a few exercises that I do that you may not be aware of. All can be done on one single machine. Sometimes I will go and do my whole training session on it! ( late night or early morning so I am not a machine hog ;-) ) It's the Smith Machine!!


Hip Thrusts

Some of you may already do these with the bar in the squat rack. I find for me that using the smith machine I can get a little lower with more control plus I can go quite heavy. Keep in mind that the bar is not as heavy as the Olympic weight bars so adjust the weight accordingly. Lay on a bench hips under the bar and get thrusting. Not the most attractive exercise but I have found as one of the most effective.


Vertical Leg Press

This is a good one and I actually use it as an isolation exercise as well. Laying on the floor feet on the bar and push up! You should be able to get deep in this and feel the burn. After 4 sets you can lower the weight and do one leg at a time really concentrating on the squeeze at the bottom before pushing up!



Donkey Kicks

This is one of the first things I tried on a smith machine and I thought it looked so easy! Biggest shock of my life! Hard! And its only now after months of doing these that I can say I have the hang of it so do not be discouraged if you don't succeed at first. Kneeling on the floor with one foot on the bar push up and down. Keep your foot positioned so that it is your heel on the bar. This way you will target your glutes solely! Maybe try this training with a friend sometimes its easier if they just keep the bar from re racking itself! Start light and build your way up!


Split Lunges

Fairly simple but it burns so always start your weights fairly light! I do forward and reverse lunges! You can mix things up here so quite often ill add pulses in between my full reps or if Im really up for a painful session I will grab a step or small plyo box to stand on!


Top Tips

• Squeeze! Really think about the muscle you are targeting and squeeze right from the bottom to the top
• Tempo ! To put it simply just think about how many seconds down and how many up! Usually I will go for 4 on the way down than 1 on the way up!
• Form! If its too heavy lower the weight. Its better to your technique right rather than just going through the motions!
Happy training girls! Remember to slap on that beauty bum before training to get those buns tight and have a shaker full of aminos! Trust me during my workout this is a lifesaver! Try Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep BCAA!!! Follow me on instagram for more tips @trismouritz


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