Posted by Trista Mouritz on Friday, August 2nd, 2013


Well hello there beautiful ladies !! I’m currently lying pool side at potato head beach club in Seminyak Bali… Suns out, palm trees everywhere and a light breeze keeping me cool! So beautiful!! I hope everything in Aus is good!
Just wanted to touch on the topic of traveling and keeping on track! I have just started really prepping for the upcoming WA IFBB bikini championships later in the year, currently at about 11 weeks out! One thing that I have really found in the last year or so is lifestyle balance. Just because I’m prepping for a comp does not mean I put my life on hold and vice versa, just because I want to go on a holiday does not mean I throw my training and nutrition aside. I must admit, I am pretty lucky with the support I get from my husband. Because we are both in sync with training ect it’s not at all hard for me to get my training in while away!
Prior to leaving I pre packed all my supps ect to make things easier. Currently with me is my trusty MuscleWerks DFine 8, Gaspari AMINOLAST, APS Glutamine and a small tub of Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Protein Powder.  Also included In my packing was a box of the amazing Quest bars for a just in case situation! My hotel looks a little like a small supp shop!
Being Bali, it’s pretty easy for me to keep my nutrition on track. Although I am being pretty relaxed with my meals they are all on time and clean. The gym here is  amazing and for a small fee cooks and preps all my food for the day so I just pick it up in the morning after training! Convenience or what?!?’
Not going to lie, it is alot harder to train in a non air conditioned gym lol. Bit seriously at the end of the day I’m just there to do a job. Got in yesterday morning and seriously I am the worst flyer… Head aches, ear issues, bloating, yuck! I squeezed in my sessions in the lead up to arriving.
All systems are go now though feeling amazingly relaxed! I think sometime you just need to give your body a break. Which comes back to balance! You can still live an amazing lifestyle and keep fit and healthy!
Today was back day for me! So I’ll keep up with my training, not because I HAVE to but because it makes me feel amazing and starts my day right!

Top tips for traveling:

- always have a good quality protein with you
-low carb bars for emergency meals
- eat frequently
- move your body!! You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym, maybe try waking up and going for a beach walk before breakfast or use the stair well in your hotel for a killer cardio sesh
- resistance bands are a good option to stash in your suitcase!!
- keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
Remember to enjoy yourself! Life’s to short not to! For me, I’m in Bali for a week and plan to enjoy every moment of it! Still be training hard and eating clean but a lot of relaxing will be done! I’m off to get a massage now so happy training girls!! Follow me on instagram @trismouritz for snaps of my trip and training ect!

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