Posted by Trista Mouritz on Friday, June 7th, 2013

Just a bit of an intro to where I have come from and where I am going!! I was not always into the lifestyle I live today. For years on end I was the typical gym junkie girl doing hours and hours of cardio and group Fitness. Always on some form of miraculous diet and always failing miserably after a few days from binging on bad food as I was so hungry!!
I would never workout alone and the thought of training with weights was a foreign concept to me!

The start of my journey  was when I started personal training with a PT. I started really enjoying weight training however diet was a big issue for me! I could not grasp the basic understanding that nutrition was a vital element in changing your body! the turning point in my life was watching my beautiful friend and now IFBB pro Nina Silic prepare for her first competition. I was totally amazed and in awe of the changes I saw her go through! From that point on I cleaned up my diet and changed my attitude towards nutrition and straight away dropped so much weight just from the changes in my food. Over the next year or so I continued training and eating well to gain some much needed muscle. By this stage I really wanted to enter a comp of my own so that began the journey to the stage for me. Since than I have not looked back and have competed for the last 2 years. This has totally changed my life and I am so happy with the changes it made to my everyday life. I love the whole process of competitions and thrive on the thrill of adrenaline I get as I step on stage.

Each season proves to be stronger than the last and I am always so excited with the changes and improvements I make to my body. I’m currently loving  my training and motivated more than ever to make some big changes to my condition before my next comp!! Shoulders and booty are my main goal focus!!

If you have a focus or goal don’t be afraid to go out there and chase it! Everyone has to start somewhere , you just need to commit to your goals!! Don’t let anything stand in your way! I can’t wait to share more with you!

Happy training!!


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