Posted by Summer Bernard on Monday, September 2nd, 2013



Often I am asked by new comers in the competing world, “How do I get a sponsorship like yours?” Being that it is also my job, I do receive many applications, which at times are as bad as a one-page resume. Of course as soon as you delve into this new world you realize just how expensive this sport can be. The supplements, the coach, the food and the sexy outfits that you must have for the gym ? Then come the photo shoots, the bikini, hair, make up and tan… And the list goes on! I guess one thing to drill into your head is that yes, you will lose money but you gain a lot more and I personally think you can not put a price on the feeling of self achievement that you have the moment you step on stage. I still cannot encourage people enough to firstly think and understand why you want to get involved in the industry to begin with.



Before you even put pen to paper, or more appropriately finger to keyboard, think about what you can offer a company, not what they will give you. I am not a fan of comparing yourself to others but when it comes to this, do it, especially if you are lost at where to begin. Think about what you can offer that stands out from the rest and why YOU! I have seen the fitness industry grown immensely over the past 10 years. You are a small fish in a very big sea. I personally worked my butt off for my sponsorship and have proved myself over years of hard work to show that I am dedicated. The sponsorships that are worth their weight in gold are not easy to come by, so yes it will take time and yes you may even get knocked back but nothing shows determination like someone that keeps on fighting.


It is so important to ensure that you be yourself, that you be your own brand
I have listed what I believe are requirements and also something that myself would consider when approached



Don't make up some story, show people who you are and what your true passion is and don't be afraid of people that would judge you.



Get amongst it! It is such a huge point of reference for everything this day and age.


You need to have passion for what you do and also the people that are around you, never forget where you came from so inspire others to keep on pushing forward.



Play nice! When I first began in this industry it was ALL happy families everyone was so supportive. Don't get me wrong, it is still today but there are some people out there that are negative and DO NOT have your best interests at heart. Surround yourself with positive people that will only bring you higher and display that on social media. Stay away from negativities – especially on public forums.



BE mindful of the people around you in this industry and who they are. Have nothing but respect for people and you will get in return.


Sponsors always want imagery so organize a diverse range of photo shoots to best show off you, your personality and what you have to bring to any company. For some inspiration check out your favourite magazines and search the web for your fitness model idols.



FOCUS on what you can bring to a company and not so much what you WANT.



You may get knocked back and you may get some average deals from some companies. Never settle for something when you and others (who know the industry) believe you deserve better. Find out exactly what you are signing for. Stick to your guns IF you deserve something better but never be ungrateful for opportunities. It pays to have someone to help guide you on these decisions as a mentor.


I hope this has answered some of your questions, but remember as always you can always contact me via social media for extra info and advice.

Love Summer xoxox

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