Posted by Nina Silic on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


With competition season approaching it’s that time where I get a lot of questions from ladies interested in doing a Bikini/ Fitness/ Bodybuilding competition. I hear so many reasons for girls thinking of doing a show but there are a few areas I want to address to help make sure on the right track for the right reasons.


Firstly prepping for a show is quite an amazing process where you endeavor months of hard work and dedication for one single moment on stage. It might seem a little crazy but the feeling of achieving your goal with so much hard work paying off is so worth it – believe me!


For me, competing is really about taking my active lifestyle to the next level. It's a goal that I incorporate into my lifestyle all year round with the intention to improve my physique, health and fitness which allows me to step on stage better than I was the time before.


Taking on the challenge to prep for a competition is a fantastic goal to have and is something I personally have fallen in love with doing. But before you decide to do a show I think it’s very important to ask yourself “Why do I want to compete?”


Everyone has their different reasons for doing a show but through what I have seen and experienced, there are some reasons that may cause the competition journey to become a detrimental process or on the other hand it can be one of the most rewarding achievements you will experience.



So many times I have heard ladies (and gents) say to me, “I want to lose weight so I am going to do a competition”. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing but something I want to reiterate is that you most definitely don't need to do a competition in order to reach your health and fitness goals. In some cases I have seen girls just starting out who jump straight into the strict and more extreme process of prepping for a show in order to look like those girls they see on the front of a magazine. But I HAVE NEWS for you. The girls you see on front of fitness magazines or on the day of a show do NOT look like that all year round. As women its not realistic or healthy for us to stay at a very lean body fat percentage all year round. The women you see on the day of a competition or on the front of a fitness magazine will look that “shredded' or lean at a very low body fat for a short period of time by increasing the intensity of their training regime and following a disciplined nutrition plan. Once the event is over they will then put on a couple of extra kilos to ensure their body is at a healthier weight to function properly.


So if you are looking to drop a few extra kilos or simply improve your fitness then I suggest you focus on cleaning up your nutrition and sticking to a consistent exercise plan to get the results your are after. So set a good foundation and maintain a healthy all year round lifestyle starting from the inside out and then if you still want to do a show then go right ahead.



In so many cases I have seen competitors become very obsessed with placing or winning. And I have been in this position myself. But if you are in it just to win then I can guarantee you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment and in all honesty you are losing out on the bigger picture.


It's a tough sport because the end result is opinion based. You can be up there in a tough line up with so many amazing physiques and competitors who have the overall package. I don't envy judges at all they definitely have a tough job in deciding who is going to take it out. Just remember at the end of the day they will score you based on certain guidelines but the fine lines are all on their personal preference and opinion that is completely out of your hands.  So instead of being bitter that you did not win or place, focus on what you have achieved. If it’s your first show you just spent so many week busting your butt with hours of training, sacrifices with your social life and following a strict nutrition plan and you are now in the best shape you have ever been in, in your life WOW! Not to mention you have just walked on stage in a tiny bikini that does not leave much to the imagination in front of hundreds of people…If that is not an achievement then I don't know what is!



Firstly focus on being healthy and fit-in-your-own lifestyle, feel great in the skin you are in. it takes so much mental determination and stability to take on a competition so before your start make sure everything else in your life is running as smoothly as possible. If you have low stress in your life in general then your journey to the stage will be that much more enjoyable and you will see better results in your transformation.


At the end of the day the journey for a show is all about YOU! It’s about taking a fit lifestyle to the next level and ensuring you continue on that path after your show. And my favourite thing to remember is that competing is definitely about bettering yourself each time you step on the stage. If you step up on stage in a better condition with changes and improvements compared to the time before then you are most definitely already a WINNER! Don't lose sight of what's important and remember to enjoy the journey along the way.


Nina xxx


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