Posted by Nina Silic on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Hello ladies!! Welcome to our new MW4Her womens community site! We are so excited to have it up and running to share our health and fitness tips with you all. I thought I would start off by sharing with you my journey into health, fitness and competition over the last few years :)


With over 20 years of dancing under my belt Its safe to say I naturally had a love of performing on stage from a young age. Dancing was a huge passion of mine which kept me quite active.


With an interest in keeping my fitness level in check I would attend dance class as well as a few gym classes on a weekly basis. I loved mixing things up. Its funny it was when I took the plunge to attend a performing arts academy full time that I began to realize my passion was shifting. After full time class 6 hours a day, 5 days a week of rehearsal after rehearsal I found myself spending my spare time in the gym, taking group classes, lifting a few weights or doing cardio. It was an escape from the stressful long days, I used it like therapy on my mind and body. As the months went on I started seeking advice from a few friends in the fitness industry on tips for training and nutrition that helped me get on track with clean and consistent eating. Within as little as a few weeks I started feeling more energized and seeing results and it was at this point my passion for health and fitness began to grow. Later that year I went along to watch my first Body building show. After seeing some of the incredible physiques on stage, especially the new bikini division I took one look and said “I want to do that one day”. After 20 years of dancing I was ready for a new challenge, something fresh and different so with a little push in the right direction from a great mentor I took the leap and started prepping to do my first IFBB bikini competition, which was just over 2 years ago now. I'm not gong to lie I found it really tough, training twice a day, the strict nutrition plan, and above all trying to balance it all with a job, boyfriend, friends and family.


Luckily I had my coach and “go to” person who looked after my prep and helped keep me on the right track. I found this to be the most important thing especially when things got overwhelming at times. But after 14 solid weeks of hard work, ups and downs trying to balance life with training I competed at my first ever show in the first FITX Grand Prix in 2011. I had an absolute blast at the show and to my surprise i took out first place and haven't looked back since.
After the show I started getting a lot of questions from people on nutrition and training. I only knew the basics at the time but my passion for training, nutrition and supplements had grown immensely and I just wanted to learn more so I could give others the right advice to help them achieve their results like I had mine. The best way I thought I could learn was to compete in another show and see how I could improve my own physique with new approaches to nutrition and training. I decided to then become a certified personal trainer and take on a role at Muscle Worx so I could try to help others improve like I had in such a short time. I didn't have any long term plans with competing as I really just enjoyed the fitness lifestyle and loved continually challenging myself to improve and make changes.


But little did I know that my hard work would end up taking me around the world and back! As a result of winning my first few shows I was given the incredible opportunity to travel to Serbia to represent Australia at the women's world championships which was so crazy to me as I was still so new to the sport. Less than a year later I was on my way to compete again in Poland at the women's world championships and in Madrid at the Arnold Classic Europe, which was an unforgettable experience. I then took the long trip straight to Sydney and won the Australian National title and found myself with an invite to the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio 2013 as well as a spot in the first ever Bikini Pro Qualifier at FITX 2013 which was beyond anything I thought I would be doing less than two years after my first show.


The Arnold Ohio was my ultimate goal and I could not believe I was now going to experience it. I placed 3rd in my class of over 50 girls which was an incredible achievement for me, I really felt like I had won gold. I travelled to Melbourne right after the Arnold to compete in the FitX Pro qualifier the following weekend where to my disbelief WON my Pro Card on the spot and stepped up on stage as a Bikini Pro along with the other Pros who were girls that I have looked upto for the past 2 years. This was beyond a dream come true and I could not believe I achieved goal of turning Pro in under 2 years of competing. Along this road, each show prep became its own small journey and each one different from the last. Some had been easier than others but all had their ups and downs. As time went on I learnt how to create a balance between training and life. However I really cannot put a price on the entire experience the past 2 years. I have learnt so much more than I imagined I would, and met some incredible people and developed some friendships along the way that will last a lifetime. Its easy to lose sight of the true meaning of this sport. But what I have learnt is that a placing is merely a bonus, the true competition is the one against yourself. If you strive to improve then you have already won and the true reward becomes the moments and memories you create along the way. My favourite part is using the knowledge I have gained through my experience to help others achieve their goals.  If I can come from knowing very minimal about training, nutrition and supplementation to two years later becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro, with enough determination, anyone can achieve whatever it is they set their mind to.


Competition History
IFBB FitX Bikini 2011 1st place

IFBB O’mara Classic October 2011 1st place Bikini medium class and overall Bikini champion

IFBB Womens world championships in Serbia 2011 top 10

IFBB O’mara Classic March 2012 1st place Bikini medium class and overall bikini champion

IFBB Australasian championships 2012 Bikini Tall class 2nd place

IFBB Womens world championships Poland 2012 6th place Bikini

IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 2012 6th place Bikini

IFBB Australian Nationals 2012 Tall Class Bikini 1st place

IFBB Arnold Classic Columbus Ohio 2013 Bikini Class D 3rd Place

IFBB FitX 2013 Bikini Pro Qualifier Winner.

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