Posted by Nina Silic on Friday, October 4th, 2013


These days we all live very busy lifestyles, which are demanding in so many ways from working full time, looking after your family, seeing friends, making time for boyfriends/husbands and then trying to fit in some exercise to name a few! So sticking to a clean earing plan can be a difficult thing at the best of times. But there are definitely some things I have learnt to help me eat right whether I am running errands all day or travelling half way around the world. I eat 4-6 meals per depending on how long my days are and my training regime so I most definitely do not have time to cook that may meals each day on top of working full time and trying to fit in training and every day jobs. One thing I have learned is that if I don't have food prepared with me then that when I slide off my plan and just grab anything in sight because I'm starving! This will generally result in over eating as well as making a bad food choice.


First thing you need to do is GET ORGANISED! If you fail to plan then you plan to fail ?


1. Grocery List


My typical grocery list looks something like this

• Free range chicken
• Free range turkey
• Organic beef mince
• Free range eggs
• Rolled oats
• Sweet potato
• Pumpkin
• Coconut oil
• Organic butter
• Almonds/almond butter
• Zucchini
• Broccoli
• Capsicum
• Kale/spinach
• Pineapple
• Kiwi fruit
• Banana
• Berries


2. Shopping

I pick a day of the week (typically Saturday or Sunday) where I go and buy ALL (or most) of my groceries for the week so I know they are all there to start preparing. If I have time I will start prepping my meals right away so I don't have to pack everything away in the fridge and then pull it all back out again. In saying that, lately I have been storing everything and taking it out to cook the next day. If I am a little busier or know I have a night off during the week I will split my shop and cook over to days. E.g. Saturday and Wednesday.


3. Cook It Up

So as you may have guessed YES I cook up my meat, my carbs and a big wok of veggies. I either cook most of my food on the weekend or I do half on the weekend and half on a night during the week. The easiest way to cook my chicken breast is in the oven. I lay out about 6 breasts with seasoning on top on a tray set the timer and walk away until its done. The same is done with my sweet potato and pumpkin. My favourite way of cooking it is coated with cinnamon and light spray or coconut oil in the oven. Veggies I either stir fry in a Wok/steam or roast in the oven. In the warmer months I like to through everything on the BBQ in a big mass production line of food!


4. Bag It Up

Now everything is ready and cooked your need to have it ready for the week to come. Zip lock bags and little containers are my best friend. I portion out all of my meats and bag them all separately. I do the same with my carbohydrates and vegetables. I place them all in the freezer ready to go. I like to bag up everything separate so that I can pull out what I need for that meal. So if I feel like chicken, sweet potato and vegetables I will grab the separate bags, rather than putting everything into one meal bag. But do whatever works for you.


5. Get ready to GO!

So now all my meals are there to grab on the run. I pull out a few meals every night and place them in the fridge to defrost. I still cook my breakfast and dinner fresh but I never leave the house without my 6 pack bag and my meals. Even if I think I am going to make it home for a meal or head out for a meal I still pack my food. At the end of the day if I can get something fresh I will but if I do its not a big deal because I still have a meal to eat. I always have a serving of protein powder in my bag so I can always pull out a quick snack if I need to.


My essentials I use to make treats with that I simply cant live without:
• Raw Cocoa Powder
• Coconut oil
• Organic almond milk
• Organic cinnamon
• Stevia
Chocolate Proto Whey Protein Powder


Now that you are well equipped you should never have any excuses. Organisation is the key so get on top of it and fuel your body right. You will not only feel more energized but you will reach your goals faster and healthier than ever before ?

Nina xxx

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