Posted by Natasha Mckenzie on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013



When I first started training I was alone. I had chosen to leave a life behind me and do something that none of my friends were doing at the time. After I received my first program from Nina I went to the gym and I did not skip one day. It's very important that you get into a routine. I began to enjoy this new found “me” time. When I was at the gym, my headphones were on, I was focused, in the zone and unstoppable. As a beginner I didn't feel like I really needed to train with anyone and because I was so small with little muscle my weights were relatively light with high reps.


As my training continued I took part in some group classes and slowly started to build my strength. I found that group classes were a great way to meet like-minded people. I started to become more active on facebook and follow certain groups or pages which helped inspire me. I have also had a lot of random facebook friend requests which have now resulted in long term friendships. Once I competed for the first time in March 2012 I met so many amazing and inspiring people who are still a part of my life today.


As more time passed I became more confident in the gym and I found that people wanted to talk to me and were interested to know what I was doing.  I began to talk and train with others and soon learned that perhaps I had something to offer others. I now enjoy the social aspect of having training partners and also the practical side in that they can teach me new exercises and also offer a spot to help lift heavy which is now one of my passions. If someone has something I am particularly inspired by I love seeing how they train. For example my friend Nicole – I just LOVE her legs so I hit her up for a session so she could take me through the paces. CHECK OUT HER QUADS! (Below me with Christo and Nicole)


I enjoy training for strength and I think it's so important to find a form of training which YOU love.



A few months ago I met Alex and we have been training together ever since. I had been training with my boyfriend previous to this but found we wasted a lot of time changing around weights because obviously being a male he is far ahead of me!!  (Me and Alex in our MW getup!!)


Alex was new to the gym and had never lifted weights until she started training with her boyfriend this year. She was relatively small and one of the things she complained about was that her body was pear shaped. She genetically has a booty and thighs and was scared to train legs. My advice to her was to train everything anyway, with an upper body focus and double shoulder sessions and no cardio. In my opinion, why would you spend your time wasting away on the treadmill for hours when you have been given a killer behind?? My theory was that once the upper body builds she would look more in proportion.


Over the last 3 months I have pushed her HARD no doubt and I'm super proud of her efforts. The photo below is from our first legs session (MUWAHAHAHA!!).

Below is a photo taken after 3 months of us training heavy. She now has a back and shoulders and has told me that her legs have actually leaned down!! Diet wise Alex has been in calorie surplus the whole time and has aimed to eat 150 grams of protein per day. This is to ensure muscle growth. Now she tells ME to do one more rep and toughen up :D


If you are wanting a training partner then don't be shy!! You will find that people will often be friendly in the gym and interested in talking to you too. Get involved in group training sessions and social media as much as possible!!


Happy training!! <3 McKenzie

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