Posted by Natasha Mckenzie on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

When I first started training for competition there is no doubt that I was going through an emotional time in my life with relationships, work etc. I was letting all aspects of life get on top of me rather than taking control of the situation, finding solutions and being responsible for my own happiness. I used to be involved in social circles in which the people only had one thing in common – partying and drinking.  Since discovering training I barely ever drink and I've learnt that there is A LOT more to life. I really couldn't be happier and everything seems to have fallen into place.

When I met Nina in December 2011 she gave me a diet plan and “bodybuilder's split” gym program.  Previous to this I had only trained random exercises at the gym and really had no idea what I was doing! I didn't know what anything was called and Nina had to demonstrate exercises to me on chairs and the table. I didn't actually have any personal training lessons at that time and looked up a lot of instructional videos. I kind of had that attitude of “stuff it” if I'm doing it wrong, someone will tell me (and they did ha ha). It wasn't long before I was soaking up knowledge like a sponge. I was training in split sessions, which was fasted cardio morning and weights and night, and this is still how I train during my competition preparation.


I first hit the stage at the IFBB Omara Classic in March 2012 with my tiny 55kg frame (I am 176cm tall). I didn't make the first round of callouts during this competition. In hindsight I recognise that I didn't have enough muscle on my frame to achieve the desired shape, however, it was a great learning curve and it also gave me something to focus on mentally at the time. A healthy distraction I suppose and new addiction. It was then time to focus on the offseason.


On my offseason I love to eat a lot and focus on training heavy. I cut cardio down to pretty much nothing whilst maintaining a healthy level of body fat. Basically, I eat according to my goals.


During September/October 2012 I competed in the INBA Tall Bikini Titles and won at a State and national level.  I then decided that I wanted to try the IFBB again and began preparing for Fitx March 2013.

My prep for Fitx was short – 8 weeks. I had kept my body fat level at about 12% on offseason and decided that I was going to try a short prep to see if this would put less stress on my body. My diet method had also changed from “clean” to macro fitting and calorie counting along with the correct use of supplements. A lot of this journey has been trial and error for me and I never really know what results I'm going to get. LUCKY FOR ME it worked and I was extremely happy with the results. My body fat came down to 7.2% on the callipers in only 8 weeks and I had also put on 4 kgs of lean muscle in one year. My one year progress shot is below.

I am now training for the WA IFBB titles in October 2013 and nationals in Sydney. I am so happy to have been selected as a Muscleworx For Her Ambassador and sponsored athlete by Muscleworx Spearwood and Australia. I like talking to others about their training goals and dreams and love to see others succeed in what they do.

Motivate, Inspire, Achieve <3 McKenzie

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