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Competition prep involves months and months of training for about 5 – 10 minutes of glory on stage. So you want to make sure you are bringing the best package possible to WOW the judges. If you are competing in bikini or fitness here are my tips to look your best on the day !!


1. Posing and Stage Presence

Practice posing with your chosen federation and go home and practice in front of the mirror until your feet hurt. Find out what poses look best for you and how you can tweak them if necessary. For bikini/fitness, the way you present yourself and move on the stage could make a huge difference on the score sheet.


2. Bikini

Unfortunately buying a bikini off the rack generally will not cut it. Suits for sports modelling are very different to normal bathing suits. They have a different fit and they are much more glamorous. I choose to have something custom made from Claire Skeet at Creative Bikinis in Perth. However, if you are trying to save money (which is totally understandable in this expensive sport) I would recommend contacting girls who have competed previously who might be willing to sell their suit. I have bought a second hand Claire Skeet suit from Muscleworx girl Trista Mouritz and I took it back to Claire who was able to alter it for me while I waited ?. Make sure you order your suit well in advance !! At least 4 weeks.


3. Shoes

I wear 5.5 inch pleasers. Some girls want to go higher which is fine, but it may have an impact on the way you move on stage. No one wants to be clunking around up there like an awkward giraffe. Make sure you practice posing and walking in your stage shoes well before comp day.  You can pick up pleasers from ebay for about $70 and most online stores will have a size guide.


4. Tan

Tan is one of the most important things. For bikini most of the girls wear Jan Tana. If you are fair skinned you will need at least one coat of regular spray tan underneath and a couple of coats of Jan Tana which is applied with a sponge.


5. Hair and Makeup

Usually for the bikini section it is common to wear the hair down and most girls get extensions if their hair isn't long (although this is by no means necessary). Make sure your makeup is nice and dark for the stage. If you aren't confident with doing your hair and makeup book someone well in advance of your competition. At Muscleworx for Her we recommend Tracey Kaye.


6. Jewellery

Make sure you grab some cheap bling for the stage! Collette is great or diva etc. I like to wear a big bangle and sparkly earrings


7. Nails

I recommend getting acrylic nails or something similar for the day. Remember you are presenting a complete package to the judges.


8. Be prepared on the day

Take everything you could possibly need in case the worst happens!! Here is my little checklist:
• Tan for touch ups
• Makeup
• Makeup wipes / remover (incase you get any marks on your suit this comes in handy)
• Eyelash glue
• Hair straightener / curler
• Gown or loose clothing
• Jumper
• Hairspray
• Food for carb up (if directed by your coach)
• Alcohol (well I need this anyway !! ? haha)

THEN you will have a complete package !! Below is my photo from the IFBB state titles. I placed 2nd in Tall Open Bikini. Happy training everyone, message me if you have any more questions .Natasha-Blog7-Heart

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