Posted by Ash Watt on Thursday, May 8th, 2014


Hey guys! Ash here again, hope you have missed me!


One of the most common things I get asked is what my training consists of to stay in shape, So I'm here to give you a bit of an insight in my day to day training regime.


My training is mainly weight focused. I like to train a different major body part each day as I personally find this to be the most effective method of training and it also allows for better muscle recovery. I try and get to the gym 5 – 6 times a week and allow myself at least 1 rest day (usually on a Sunday or mid-week) as resting is just as important as the training itself. I don't muck around when I go to the gym as I don't want to spend hours on end there (usually I'll spend 45 – 60 mins per session). I go there focused and I have all the exercises that I want to do on that day either in my head or I write them down in my phone, that way I can just move onto the next exercise quickly leaving my rest time minimized to keep my heart rate up.


I am lucky in the sense that I have a fast metabolism so I don't have to include much cardio, but I still try and fit in 1 – 2 cardio sessions per week to maintain my fitness levels. Whether it be kicking the soccer ball down at the park for 30 minutes or a morning walk along the coast with my partner on the weekend. I try and make cardio something I can enjoy so I don't even know I'm doing it, as I couldn't think of anything worse than running on a treadmille inside… boring!


As I am a bikini & glamour model I like to stay in shape pretty much all year round. I always have shoots, competitions and events popping up so I figure if I maintain my training and diet all year round I never really have to “prep” as such. Sometimes I get as little as a weeks' notice for some events so I always like to be prepared and that way having such little notice is not a big deal, I'll just cut out my daily treat for that week instead of going on an extreme diet.


I have just won the WA State Finals for MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year, which means in less than 2 weeks I am off to the gold coast to compete along 30 finalists from all over Australia for the National Title. Time to get my butt into gear after the Easter break and all that chocolate ;)
Wish me luck! :)


Love from your Muscleworx Girl

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