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Im not a big person for stimulants but I love anything that gives me an energy boost without the crash in energy later on in the day that sometimes can occur. So for me Green Tea X50 is an amazing product! Not only does it give you a hit of energy but it also aids in weight loss and boosts your antioxidant intake! Green tea has been shown to have so many benefits from the catechins found in the tea, especially green! It can create thermogenesis and heat in the body boosting your metabolic rate and aiding in weight loss, a minimum of 3 cups a day has been shown to do this in research.


So why Green Tea X50 over a cup of green tea? Well for me I love the convenience of popping it cold in my water before a workout or in summer as a refreshing drink without artificial sweeteners or additives. Or warm in winter is tastes amazing! It is equivalent to 20 cups of green tea and I know I wouldn’t be able to drink that in a day haha. The antioxidants in green tea have been shown to boost energy, assist the liver with detoxification naturally and the kidneys and boost your immune system. There has also been links with green tea and improved altzeimers, cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure! Green tea is also safe for pretty much anyone to use and also aids in regulating blood sugar levels. Its also gluten free which is great for anyone following a gluten free diet or celiac.


It comes in a range of flavours, my favourite is tropical! Mix it in with your BCAAs and carnitine pre-workout for an energy boost and added fat loss benefits and with only 10 calories a serve why wouldn’t you :) So if your looking for a product that is low GI, minimal sugar, gluten free, aids in fat loss, aids energy, no preservatives, aspartame free then this is an awesome product!


Try making the following with your Green Tea X50:

• Icy poles
• Iced tea
• Pop it in smoothies with fresh fruit and protein powder
• Mix it with soda water
• Have it warm for a fruity infused hot tea in winter!


Click here to find out more about Green Tea X50 :)


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