Posted by Alice Round on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014


There are days when we all struggle for that little bit of motivation to get in the gym and get through a tough session or put on our joggers and head out for a run, here are my top 10 tips to stay on track in 2014. Find what motivates use and use those top 10 tips to keep you on going daily.


1. Find a workout buddy

Stay on track by encouraging a friend, co-worker or family member to commit to some training or nutrition goals with you this way you can check in on each other and progress together, the added support will help you keep each other on track.


2. Mix things up

Change up your workout routine or type of exercise. Mix it up every 3-4 weeks to prevent boredom and also to give your body a shock as your body will become tolerant to the type of exercises you are doing and not burn as many calories while doing them, you need to progressively overload the body to make change.


3. Hire a trainer or coach

If your really struggling with motivation or ideas for exercise or nutrition a trainer or coach can help you achieve your goals and assist you in making yourself accountable for your actions but also checking in with someone weekly or more regularly to stay on track.


4. Write down goals, aims, vision board

By visualizing and also physically writing down goals or aims it will help you remain focused. A vision board is a great idea, write on it your goals, role models, people or things you aspire to and things you are thankful for as well as inspirational quotes or motivation. Read it daily and repeat positive affirmations


5. Keep an exercise and nutrition journal

Keep track of all your exercise entries and aim to improve each week, this will keep you closer to achieving your goals and keep you motivated by seeing yourself improve. By monitoring and recording your nutrition you will become aware of daily slip ups you may be having with your nutrition and also keep you aware of meal timing, combinations of foods and total intakes of macro and micro nutrients.


6. Buy some new workout clothes or accessories

Whenever I buy new workout gear I feel motivated to hit the gym! Buy yourself a hot new outfit or some new joggers to get you keen to train or buy yourself a new piece of home gym equipment such as a theraband or medicine ball. A great idea is also an iPod with some new music or a sports arm band to take your music with you on your next cardio session! There is nothing better than your favorite tunes to get you moving!

7. Take a before, during and after photos of progress

Yes I know sounds a little scar but often taking a before photo and having a photo of a past image of yourself you aspire to or someone who motivate you helps you stay on track. Take progress photos every 1-2 weeks to see your transformation :)


8. Change your scenery

Always doing your cardio on the treadmill? Take to the coast for a scenic run or go and challenge yourself with a set of stair runs or a swim in the ocean. Instead of your usual gym weights session try a boot camp or strongman class or take your workout outside.


9. Reward yourself!

Set small goals each week. They can be anything! Such as eating regular meals every 3 hours or decreasing your body fat by 1% per week or exercising 5 times a week. They can even be goals like fitting into your favorite pair of jeans or being able to run for 20 minutes without stopping, anything! Reward yourself with something when you achieve them, but not with food, your not a dog! Think a new outfit, new book trip to the movies, booking a holiday or something to aim towards


10. Organization and planning

Plan exercise and nutrition into your daily routine. Schedule exercise as if you would a doctors appointment or a meeting and make it a priority. Same with nutrition put aside 15 minutes a night for meal prep for the next day and a time a week for healthy shopping and meal prep/planning. Leave fresh cut veggies in the fridge and lean cuts of meat to snack on. If your out and about carry a protein shake with you and some nuts on the go, be organized so you do not make poor food choices, being busy is never an excuse to eat poorly.


Motivation comes from within, it cant come from anyone else or be forced out of you. SO find ways that push YOU and only YOU. Focus on your journey but remember no one else is going to do it for you but having people support you will help you stay on track and share the process with you. So get rid of the excuses and make a PLAN! Put it into action and see you dreams become a reality.


Alice x x


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