Posted by Alice Round on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

A lot of busy people contact me asking what the best ways are to lose fat fast and shape up when they have minimal time in there daily schedules for workouts. Unfortunately being fit and healthy requires changes to your nutrition and training and some time commitment, but there are certainly ways to still incorporate effective fat blasting sessions into your schedules even with 30 minutes a day. The best method to maximize fat burning and higher calorically dense workouts are what you may of heard referred to as metabolic training.


Metabolic training means training that increases the metabolic effect from the exercises on your body’s ability to burn calories whilst doing the exercises and then also after know as your post exercise energy consumption. Sounds fancy?? Basically means you get more bang for your buck! You will burn calories in high amounts during your workout as well as after.


So what are the best exercises to do??

Exercises that are full body, high intensity and compound exercises with short recovery periods that allow maximal energy expenditure in short period of time. Meaning maximized caloric burn during and after the workout.


What are the benefits of this style of training??

You will improve your cardiovascular system by keeping recovery short and heart rate up, you will have improved lipolysis (fat loss!), you will burn serious amounts of calories fast and after, up to 500 calories in an efficient 30 minute workout. It also means you don’t have to waste your time doing boring steady state cardio and resistance training separately by combining them in one workout with the same end results of a lean, toned body.

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If you don’t have any equipment there also great because these type of workouts can be done anywhere! Another example and favorite of mine is done at stairs. Find a set of stairs that will allow you at least 45 seconds up and down on them. A simple, quick and efficient workout for those time poor.
1. Stair sprints x 5
2. Burpees x 25
Repeat the above x 5 dropping off 1 rep of stairs and 5 reps of burpees. E.g stair sprints x 5, burpees x 25, stairs x 4, burpees x 20 and so on.


Caloric burning workouts don’t need to be done in a circuit form but this is a great way of allowing minimal recovery by moving to a different body part of area on the next exercise allowing a small amount of active recovery. The exercises are quite advanced and it is important to alter these exercises to your own ability and or injury risks. Remember metabolic workouts are meant to be a challenge and to assure results remember to switch up your workouts to give your body a shock I would recommend every 3-4 weeks for a regular gym goer. Record your workouts and plan them, keep it simple to begin 3-4 exercises for 45-60 seconds with a 15-30 second rest between (less rest than work), repeat for about 15-20 minutes.


Other great exercises to include:
- Box jumps
- Alternating lunges
- Bag clean and presses
- Plyometric push ups
- Squat Jumps
- Battling Ropes
- Chin ups
- Crab Crawls
- Turkish Get ups
- Drop lunge and press


Remember: GO HARD, keep your heart rate elevated, minimize the recovery periods and activate large muscle groups/compound.
Focus on your: Quads/Hamstrings/Back/Chest and smaller more isolated muscle groups will also activate in these compound movements for not only a full body workout but a structurally balanced one that also reduces injury risk.

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