Posted by Alice Round on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


So what is a typical day in the life for me? Well all of us girls have completely different jobs, roles and training requirements for me personally I'm not only an employee at Muscle Worx and sponsored athlete but I also am completing my masters degree in dietetics at university, running an online business and also doing personal training, coaching and nutrition on the side through anytime fitness. So a typical day for me varies, it’s hard with this type of schedule to be consistent with meal timing and training timing, a normal 9-5 job would be a lot more simple to structure so it does require a lot more pre planning. Now I'm not saying people who work 9-5 have it easy at all!, just different planning is required on different days for me.



My typical day at the moment as I have this semester off university will involve waking up at 5am for a 5.45am start at work with clients, I will always have clients early morning for a few busy hours and then I like to train weights in the morning. I really enjoy doing my weights sessions in the morning when the gym clears out, its’ spacious and I can utilize all of the equipment. I generally also like doing weight training in the morning as I'm more energetic also.


I always eat pre-weight training and this meal will generally be higher in carbs and a standard protein amount such as oat and protein shake and some fruit – something fast digesting that I can get down before training. I’ll also consume my pre-workout supplements such as L-carnitine, Glutamine, Creatine and BCAAs. Training will go for between 45-75 minutes depending on the day including stretching and warm up/cool down. Any session longer than 75 minutes, I'm mentally and physically fatigued. After training I will always have my post workout sups again: more BCAAs, greens and glutamine are my staples. After training post workout meal is my favorite time! I like to have a bit of freedom here and mix it up, I will have a high hit of carbs and a standard protein amount- My favourite are protein/oat pancakes with fruit and yoghurt, a microwaved chocolate self saucing pudding with banana or a berry trifle with oats and yoghurt. Yes I have a serious sweet tooth! But often it may be as simple as sweet potato and chicken which I also love!



After training it will be back to clients and program writing, emailing or to Muscle Worx to work in store. I will generally work until 6.30pm or later in the gym with clients often till 8pm at night. If I'm in comp prep mode and have extra HITT training I may do a double session at the end of the day but luckily only for 20-30 minutes having me home at least 8.30pm


After work or evening HITT I will come home and finish my night with a tasty meal, I like to cook my dinner fresh as all of my other meals are eaten out of Tupperware! I mix up my dinners all the time even when comp prepping: I am currently loving grilled salt and pepper coconut squid with rice and salad and egg, spinach and sweet potato omelets with tomato avocado salsa. Generally in my day there will also be another 2 meals for a total of 5 meals. The other two meals I tend to keep pretty basic chicken, steak, kangaroo, cottage cheese, with rice/sweet potato/quinoa/fruit, veggies and some kind of fats like cashews, avocado, almond etc.


So by the time I have had dinner, re-packed my meals for the next day, washed training clothes, packed my bags for my next 5am start and re-checked emails it’s, if I'm lucky, about 9.30pm and fingers crossed into bed by 10pm. So I aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I like to unwind in bed with terrible reality TV shows, yes it’s my guilty pleasure or read some new research papers on nutrition and training. Before bed I’ll check appointments for the next day but switch off from emailing and mentally try to unwind from thinking about work.


Once a week I like to have a meal out and enjoy myself, generally on the weekends I'm awake later and may only have 4 larger meals instead of 5. I am definitely a bit more relaxed off season with my diet and would probably eat out more but still try to stick to macro targets for most meals especially during the week. I work 6 days per week and have Sundays off, so I try to not work at all this day and really switch off as its my one day a week to relax. On Sunday I love to have a good training session in the morning, go out for breakfast or a coffee, catch up with friends and family and do some meal prep and shopping for the week. It’s all about keeping that balance and maintaining consistency also with your training and nutrition.  I find it’s very important that when your work and also your favourite hobbies and motivations e.g. gym and nutrition and also many of your close friends are in the fitness industry all roll into one it can be very easy to be consumed into talking and focusing on this lifestyle all the time.


It’s great to have people around you who do support your lifestyle choices but that also help you take your mind off it and see the bigger picture in life. Which for me life is always about good friends, family, health, and happiness first and foremost. If healthy and fitness can be incorporated into the above then you are onto a winner!


So that's a day in the life for me! Hope it gave you a bit more insight!!!


Alice xx


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